Detritus 712



▶ I am ‘knowledge adjacent’



▶ life goals, but needs a few echo chambers..



▶ Hard Disk Sub bass synth by Psychiceyeclix



▶ The Subharchord: How It Works



▶ SynthAxe lol



▶ credit? search



▶ airport pianos? #superniche



▶ So is there a Japanese equivalent of the Golden Record?



▶ love the look of these TetsuoSoundNoisebox on Etsy
Tried to find a youtube example but they are all drowned in reverb..
With that much verb you could fart in a bottle & it would sound just as ‘good’



▶ A comparison of solenoid-based strategies for robotic drumming: download PDF



▶ related: Adafruit DIY MIDI Solenoid Drum Kit



The man who can talk backwards



acid in your browser!



▶ awwwwww…
needed some infrasonic purring to really achieve liftoff
but hey… its a start!










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