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ryoji ikeda interview



▶ The Tron Project: How Japan Almost Ruled IT



▶ future daw? yeah/nah



▶ 12 year old me would have loved one of these Zoom music things



▶ jeepers.
Having extracted most of the income out of the music industry leaving actual musicians chasing pennies, Spotify now has authors in its sights
There is only one way I know of, to protect yourself from this kind of exploitation:
Never sell your rights.



thread via Twitter
Does anyone still think it was a good idea for the Bandcamp owners to get their $$ exit?
All in the name of progress… what next? fckng Spotify buy it & dissolve all of its value?



▶ Faircamp – a self hosted option?



▶ Six months ago NPR left Twitter. Effects have been negligible



▶ yay for hippy nostalgia



“When you understand every opinion is a vision loaded with personal history,
you will start to understand that all judgment is a confession”

Nikola Tesla

(I’m saving this quote for the next time someone shares a toxic opinion)



▶ “A knife with good kireaji will both react and reply when you pass it over a whetstone. Such knives are made to be sharpened, to be modified by their users…” – Forming an edge + microscope photos of said edge via MF









What genre of music uses such a controller? Wrong answers only





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