Detritus 718



▶ Fungi: Web of Life Trailer – love the v/o





great explainer why log video matters with new iPhones









▶ Dear reputational damage
You have a new friend: Songtradr
Every member of Bandcamp union bargaining team was laid off in huge cuts at Oakland firm
plus this
Actions speak louder than words.



▶ re Bandcamp, there is one truth that will remain:
a void will not exist for long
something better will come into existence

▶ also incase you need it:
a Bandcamp batch downloader browser extension for Chrome: Batchcamp





▶ I’ve been with @mailchimp since 2010, but will be exiting their service due to this:

Update: I have exchanged a series of emails with them, and they have disabled those features for my account and removed that section from my Terms & Conditions. Surprised yes. But without someone making me aware I would have agreed to those T&C.



Nagra 4-L time varier schematic from Nagraaudio
byu/Hainbach inHainbach

▶ Nagra 4-L time varier schematic from Nagraaudio





▶ trigger warning for ‘autotune dog rabbithole’







6 thoughts on “Detritus 718

  1. Richard

    How did you contact Mailchimp? Is there any email address?

    I have a free account (I’ve been using them for my artist mailing list for a very long time) and that doesn’t include any kind of support, infuriatingly, so I literally can’t contact them through the web interface to attempt to opt out of the training data.

    1. tim Post author

      I started off emailing Mailchimp tech support:

      They offered to disable the AI/ML features, which I appreciated. But I then asked them about the T&C as I could never agree to them, but which were asking me to every time I accessed Mailchimp. They then escalated to someone from the Compliance Team, who agreed to adjust the T&C & disabled the new approval request. Good luck, but luck isnt needed as it is a right. And if they wont comply with that right I would move my account.
      I’ve been looking at options such as:

      1. Richard

        Thanks for the tips!

        Going to try my best to do the same.

        Ocotpus & Beehiiv look pretty decent… definitely worth an exploration. Cheers!

        1. tim Post author

          Hmmm it doesn’t seem like they are going to alter their T&C at all. And the site still requests approval of the T&C on every login. I’ve had my request escalated twice now, and then a dead end: my final request went to the “Privacy Dept” and I have heard nothing back. They have also changed the language around accepting the T&C – it now says: “These changes will take effect on November 16, 2023. If you continue to use Mailchimp after the effective date, you agree to Accept the updated Terms.” So they are attempting acceptance by default. Deadline to exit is “November 16, 2023”

    1. tim Post author

      ug! i have mailchimp on permanent pause, which means no more billing but I can still access my data if I need to but I have exported everything… So will delete it after a few more cycles… I have switched to EmailOctopus now and it is so much better – especially the campaign/newletter designer seems way faster, with none of the bloatware of Mailchimp…

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