Detritus 725







▶ Fascinating talk with Vlad Kreimer, SOMA SYNTHS



▶ wow – I’ve gotten lost here more than a few times…
3D Map of Shinjuku Station in Three.js



▶ hah nifty trick: use your soda stream to make salad greens last longer in the fridge (or even better, grow them & pick as you need, so they are always fresh!



▶ NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day + archive
wow check these Asperitas Clouds Over Hanmer Springs, New Zealand in 2005



▶ U2’s Adam Clayton: Bass player and visionary gardener! #wholesome



African Head Charge interview



▶ Nothing puts me off more than hyperbolic phrases like this:
“a must-have tool for composers who want to create a blockbuster soundtrack in seconds.”
Thats a great big blockbuster NOPE from me!



▶ credit:



▶ Jan 1st is Steamboat Willie is free day!



▶ at first I was like ‘mmmm triplets’ and then… imma have to sample this!





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