Detritus 727



▶ ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks Research – “3 dancers and 24 drones”





Apple Vision Pro: $3,499 headset lol



▶ This feels significant: Disney has officially retracted a copyright claim on a third-party’s Steamboat Willie video on YouTube.



▶ ok wow, try this optical illusion vid on instagram for 15 seconds
& tell me you don’t visually trip out briefly afterwards, like swirly reality



▶ lol surprise surprise: Database of 16,000 Artists Used to Train Midjourney AI, Including 6-Year-Old Child, Garners Criticism



▶ wordpress hosting for 100 years?






▶ Open the pod bay doors, HAL 9000 CrO2



▶ Why Sampling is the Most Important Tool in Modern Music – Matthew Herbert, “The Horse”





▶ mmmm panoramic film







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