Detritus 728



▶ 82.7% of tracks have been demonetized by Spotify which means declaring them royalty-free



▶ Akai SP950 effect plugin
cos…. jungle is MASSIVE?



▶ yes, ok…. about that jungle meme







▶ How long until someone swallows one of these (mousepad in your mouth) and writes poetry as it passes through their system…



▶ interesting article in the New Yorker: Is A.I. the Death of I.P.?
Careful, you might commit “subconscious copyright infringement” lol!
+ 12ft ladder if you need it



▶ more yikes for 2024: the shrinking podcast industry



▶ my isobars currently reach to Buenos Aires!



▶ The social media platform Ello is no more: The Quiet Death of Ello’s Big Dreams aka VC fueled enshittification, founders exit, death.
“from the moment I read about their seed funding, I worried that they wouldn’t be able to build a long-term sustainable business if they were hooked on professional funding and busy chasing growth.”

I have to wonder how long until the same occurs in the music/audio tech world? When I read of some super niche audio company receiving large sums of VC, I can imagine them celebrating and hiring staff & renting more space… And scheming & planning where the future will lead them. But there must be a deep existential dread also associated with it, since the more VC they receive the greater the pressure to achieve exponential growth, and ROI for their investors. Sustainability is no longer viable.











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