Detritus 736



▶ French Fuse – African Choir at School





▶ One for locals: Hutt City vintage & secondhand stores
I’ve bought a lot of vinyl from LoCost over the years…
& know Helter Skelter & Merry Go Round well…



AI is creating fake historical photos, and that’s a problem







▶ How to identify images made by AI



▶ RSS is 25! Happy Birthday RSS – thank you for saving us from the algorithms!



▶ lol



▶ I’ve always thought people who tuck their shirt in are strange. Now I know why…





▶ Why would this be? is it due to streaming not having past films available?
Good video stores were an excellent recommendation service (eg CHCH Alice in Wonderland store) But maybe it’s cultural? I will never forget a music editor friend saying that on one of those huge Hollywood films he got chatting to a rerecording mixer and it soon became apparent they had zero knowledge of any films outside the USA. I was aghast… Is monocultural ok?







This blog is brought to you via one of those five submarine cables connected to Aotearoa:

Check yours at submarine cable map



▶ perfect response to troll



▶ Michael Jackson – Beat It [French Fuse Remix]





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