Detritus 737





▶ A Return to Blu-ray as Streaming Value Evaporates – see also DVDBeaver
& also: The film fans who refuse to surrender to streaming:
‘One day you’ll barter bread for our DVDs’



▶ Swedish composer scams the Spotify scam, Ek sheds tears of soulless joy



▶ nifty but mildy irritating idea: the cut of the new Brian Eno doco is indeterminamt



▶ This is an idea with potential: Similar Song Finder but… every song I tried, it seemed to just suggest songs of similar age with no other relationship, or another song from the same band!? The comparison data of ‘similar’ seems very thin. And OMG do those Spotify links sound dreadful. Like a ghetto blaster playing a tape of The Clash back in 1985 sounded better than that. What a sad degradation music has gone through, to benefit the few. Even sadder, generations of people who have never experienced better and think the status quo is normal…



▶ The Flattening of Bob Marley’s Radicalism









▶ Lucid Rhythms = hours & hours & hours of generative polyrhythm videos by Mirko Ruta. Interesting ideas, wish the sounds weren’t so saccharine… They have a similar channel for synth/modular generative music which has far more interesting sounds to my ears…



▶ Explosive chemistry?

















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