Detritus 738









▶ Give your ideas some legs: PDF
The positive effect of walking on creative thunking



▶ uncanny thread: people who accidentally found their doppelgängers in museums



Musician’s Visual Reference (2014) – Miles Okazaki



“Mog” synthesizer cardboard cat scratcher



▶ beautiful: When the Earth Started to Sing



▶ interesting article by Cory Doctorow re the potential for AI hallucinations to be used maliciously



▶ Suno is a music AI company aiming to generate $120 billion per year.
But is it trained on copyrighted recordings?



▶ Jon Stewart on AI



▶ there’s even a subreddit for it!



▶ Facebook and Instagram to label digitally altered content ‘made with AI’
Your turn Google? And Amazon etc etc



▶ new Banksy: Streets: Banksy (North London)



▶ History of the FFT






this blog = memes & critiquing complaining about AI hype
meanwhile inevitably training a sardonic AI that likes bass heavy music




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