Detritus 739







Ryuichi Sakamoto playing a pair of Ult Sound DS4 drum synths






▶ Correlation is not causality



▶ “These are our instrument called the Chromaplane – they’re standalone analog synthesizers which are polyphonic and played using electromagnetic pickup coils, so they’re sending audio and not CV – we’re going to be releasing it as a product, and are excited about how others will use them!”



▶ also interesting: Les Diffuseurs
“Les Diffuseurs (La Palme and Le Metallique bundle) are inspired by famous and highly unique speakers (called “diffuseurs”) that came with the Ondes Martenot, featuring a palm-shaped resonance chamber laced with 12 strings or a gong cabinet, which adds a specific metallic character to the Ondes Martenot sound.”









▶ Interesting to see Sennheiser at last release their MKH8030 mic… I’ve had my 8040/50/20 mics since December 2011 and while I don’t use MS myself I know a lot of people have been waiting over a decade for this day!





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