Detritus 740



▶ Graham Dunning – Extended Turntable developments Spring 2024



▶ great interview with Ken Loach



Find your art



▶ correlation is not causation



▶ PCB art!



▶ David Tudor discusses Rainforest IV



▶ eloquent AI creative critique: The AI Lie

“It has become standard to describe A.I. as a tool. I argue that this framing is incorrect. It does not aid in the completion of a task. It completes the task for you. A.I. is a service. You cede control and decisions to an A.I. in the way you might to an independent contractor hired to do a job that you do not want to or are unable to do. This is important to how using A.I. in a creative workflow will influence your end result. You are, at best, taking on a collaborator. And this collaborator happens to be a mindless average aggregate of data.”

“Though they might dramatically speed up or replace parts of a workflow, the short and long term costs are appalling to me. It is removing my own hand, the single most valuable asset I possess, from the creation of my work. Even used for prelim work or “inspiration” as I’ve heard other folks occasionally say, I see it as contracting out something crucially important to the lowest bidder. The early stages set in motion everything that follows. They are what the entire creative work is built around. To hire that out to a robot is to value the robot’s decisions above my own, existing only to paint-by-numbers a design that I did not create. And I believe outsourcing segments of the workflow also degrades one’s abilities, making you more dependent on the service. So if you value your mind, spirit, and vision at all as important components to your work, this should be a non-starter. And if you don’t value those things, you might consider another line of work altogether, because that is what makes an artist’s career possible.”







▶ fascinating example of UI design via reddit
TE used a Lego grid!







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