Detritus 742



▶ James Blake & Brian Eno – Talking Robots Into Heaven



▶ Adobe Alternatives – a list of alternatives for Adobe software originally collected by @XdanielArt and improved upon by the community.









▶ Dorian Concept – Decaying Duet



▶ useful wiki for Audio-Video Post-Production



▶ Let’s dissect Apple’s terrible iPad ad: “These are not people who listen to their audience. They are solipsistic navel-gazers in a hall of mirrors. They are out to please themselves first, and their peers second, their clients third, and if the ad campaign resonates with the audience, well, that’s a nice bonus.”

▶ alt theory: Ad agencies test such high profile ads with focus groups. They would already know that it tested badly with a certain percentage of the audience and they would know why. They were not manufacturing consent. They were manufacturing outrage. Damage control would be part of the plan. The “apology” was already written.



Nikon bought Red for just $85million



J.G. Ballard Predicts the Rise of Social Media in 1977





▶ amazing skills – 245m Cave Dive in the Pearse Resurgence, New Zealand!



▶ even more amazing skills!





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