Detritus 744



▶ the classic – watch CR8000 demo on Youtube

“Nobody in these type of reviews ever mentions the “Register” feature on the CR8000 which is its secret weapon. Also the real time swapping between shuffle mode. The greatest drum machine Roland ever made.”

The Roland CR-8000 CompuRhythm drum machine had a unique “Register” function that allowed users to program and store their own rhythmic patterns and fills. Specifically:
– It had 8 programmable “registers” that could each store a 2-bar rhythm pattern.
– It also had 4 programmable “fill” registers to store short fill-in patterns.
– Users could chain these registers together in any order to create longer rhythmic sequences and songs.
– This “Register and Arranger” section gave the CR-8000 more real-time pattern creation and arrangement capabilities compared to other drum machines of its era.”



▶ a great read: Exploring Can Drummer Jaki Liebezeit’s E-T Rhythm Theory





Ideas and Creativity



▶ excellent bonkers Robot Slide Whistle project



▶ apocalyptic SHIPBREAKING photos…
Interesting to visit the area in Bangladash on google maps



▶ Forget Snakes on a Plane…. MASKS ON A PLANE!



▶ I’m so tired of crypto web3 LLMs.
The ChatGPT wrapper product



▶ Have you been eating rocks again?



WTF did Google train their dumbass AI on?






▶ How to Turn off AI Overview in Google – Set “Web” as default





▶ Wokeness wins again! Huzzah!



Images that sound





▶ Webinar: Hasselblad Lens Design
I’ve cued the vid for the XPAN lens history





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