Detritus 747



▶ Another interesting take on EMF – Demon Box





▶ Forget the Braams and horror stings…



▶ So Apple has introduced a new system called “Private Cloud Compute” that allows your phone to offload complex (typically AI) tasks to specialized secure devices in the cloud… an interesting read/thread



▶ If you use Twitter you may have come across clothing/fashion advocate/critic Derek Guy and, in hindsight fascinating to see when and how his exposure escalated



▶ re comment in previous Detritus about magnet fishing: xkcd



▶ Eco-brutalism: when angular concrete meets the wonder of nature – in pictures



Music lawyer sharing useful knowledge via Youtube vids



▶ Eliane Radigue, 87 ans, pionnière de l’électro



▶ Hype from the top? “the Michael Jordan of listening” lol





I suspect generative AI would do themselves some favours by reining in the hype. It can’t deliver ‘anything we can imagine” – thats a silly claim,
so it comes off like a tech bro snake oil salesman… I also wonder about the long term impacts of ‘deskilling’ via AI. The only reason we are each able to write coherently is from practice. Farm that out to an AI in your youth and does your brain actually develop & retain those skills? Or is that the old ‘you wont have a calculator in your pocket later’? Is a musician who only knows how to “make” music via a text prompt really a musician? Find out. Turn the power off.







▶ BEAT DIGGIN’ (2003 Version)





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