Detritus 749



▶ wild new processor: Polynodes



▶ This might set some precedents: US Record Labels Sue AI Music Generators Suno and Udio for Copyright Infringement or… end up in an equity exchange, like Spotify?



▶ interesting idea: tune your steel drum with magnets & this one comes with magnets



▶ shots fired… at Adobe
Blackmagic: “No AI Training”
And Figma show how to do it:



▶ Fascinating : Sci-Fi Interfaces





great book for travel photography tactics & advice
much would be applicable to field recording too.



▶ As cute as these Kei campervans are, I am pretty sure my feet would be sticking out the end of them.. #notmadefor6ft+gaijin





Moving objects precisely with sound…
mmmm scattering matrix



What my grandmother taught me about John Cage



















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