Detritus 9

> Got any AES news to share? The only interesting news I’ve read is that Lexicon are at last releasing plugins! via AU, VST, RTAS formats, with ilok copy protection & list price of US$1,899… ouch! Guess I’ll be using Lexicon IRs for a while yet…

> What will record labels look like in the future

> A great zoomable chart beautifully detailing 50 years of space exploration

> Kode 9’s book Sonic Warfare has a cover

> Pumpkin gun fires pumpkins at 600mph!
via @BenoitMio: “the sound of the cannon is very special”

> How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect

>My new favorite hotel is this one – its in Navarre, Spain but I wish someone would build something similar in Central Otago!

> In fact its my second favorite hotel in the world – there is no beating the Tadao Ando designed Benesse Art Gallery/Hotel on Naoshima..

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