Do you scrobble?

Back in the day we used to swap tapes or, god forbid, actually talked about music… Yeah! and vehemently sometimes! Now it seems, software sits in the background, quietly observing what we are listening to & sharing the stats… I think this is me confessing to activating a LastFM registration, simply because I am intrigued about my own listening habits… I’ve also had to move my iTunes library more than a few times & each time ended up losing all my play count data (shame on you Apple! sort out your metadata on your consumer products! If you can do it with Final Cut you can do it with iTunes)

But heres where I think LastFM miss the boat…. sometimes iTunes is like radio, I may choose to play an album but it may turn out that I fckng hate the album… or for very strange reasons I hate everything an artist does BUT for one gem….

So I’m not sure if you know about a website called dropular? Its a bit like fffound except the interface is a bit slicker ie it works! (use those buttons with the arrows on them!) Basically dropular is an image tagging site, so if you are a registered member & you are at some random website & see an image or some design or architecture or whatever you like, you tag it to dropular, much the way you can tag websites to delicious ie it works best when you are registered & can load up your tagged media at the drop of a hat (or click of a feral rodent) but its equally a great source of inspiration as to what the universal mind considers worthy….

So delicious & dropular & fffound all work on the basis of the user tagging some specific ‘things’, actively ie I LIKE THIS, I AM TAGGING IT. So why is it that Last FM presume if you played it you liked it? Where is the big red button that says I FCKNG LOVE THIS TUNE! and alternately, the DAMN THIS TUNE TO HELL!! button…. cos, I dont know if I like it until I’ve played it & by then its (presumably) been scrobbled… or does it sense how quickly you hit the skip button?

Do you scrobble?

And no, so far LastFM hasnt suggested anything that I hadnt already heard… it did suggest I watch a video of dimlite playing ‘live’ that contained a phenomena that was new to me: someone doing speech bubbles/tags live, in the real world… the actual merit of which escapes me….

6 thoughts on “Do you scrobble?

  1. MPR

    On OS X and iPhone app, press the big red heart to love a track, press the circle-slash to ban a track. Not sure about iPhone app but in OS X you can set a delay before the track is scrobbled … default is half track duration played and it’s scrobbled.

    Also if you use Spotify it can feed into Last.FM account and scrobble.

  2. tae

    You can choose to scrooble at a certain percentage of the song: if you’ve listened to the whole song it will be scrobbled, or if you’ve listened to 70% of it…
    You definitely can’t see good results in a short period of time, but you can add bands in what they call your “library”, and there’s a “heart” button for the songs you ‘FCKNG LOVE’.
    It can suggest you new bands you didn’t know, but as far as you seem to deepen your knowledge about artist as soon as you listen to them, is more somethings that will make you remind a few bands you’ve forgotten
    If you have’nt discovered any band with it, you could like Steven R Smith if you still don’t know him… that’s my gift not to feel guilty to lurk more than i should.

  3. cam DOES watch your skip button – it waits for half the track to elapse before scrobbling, at least in the standalone net-radio player.

    And it has a big love-heart button too.

    I actually think the standalone player is the best bit, you type in an artist you like and it uses the hive mind to play similar stuff.

  4. leyton

    if i never see a dj with a bad back hunched over a computer again, it will be too soon. taller tables of the world unite!

  5. admin Post author

    heh heh
    fast forward 50 years to the DJs retirement village
    & they’re all hunched over & cant move their necks from RSI…

    oh & this morning I DID find some new music I hadn’t heard & now love…
    Intrusion: The Seduction of Silence on echospace label…
    lovely deep spacy dubby techno
    only place that had it for sale online was beatport

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