Down the road

There are a few primo locations in Aotearoa #nz (primo = photo x sound x experiental) where despite it being 2023 or whatever, the internet is only viable ‘down the road’

An example, I spent the last four days staying in a bach in Motukiekie, which had no wifi but claimed there was a cell signal. Excuse me but 2 bars does not an internet connection make, so a few times a day I would drive ‘down the road’ until 2 bars turned into 4 and it was suddenly possible to access the 21st century.

But driving down the road to get Internet access is not the interesting part.
Bear with me.

Heres why I was in Motukiekie:

Unless you somehow become aware, 99% of people would never even notice Motukiekie. If you leave Greymouth driving North, or leave Punakaiki (with its awe inspiring blowholes) heading South, you will likely drive by Motukiekie without noticing because it is a road through a narrow landscape. Mountains on one side and native forest on the other side, abruptly leading to sheer cliffs into the sea.

But for some weird geological reasons, there exists a set of defiant rock islands, just off the coast of Motukiekie.

Access is difficult – more on that later. But viable access is also tidal and 100% weather based. No one stumbles across this location, without research and preparation.

The psychological aspect that I love most of this location, is that it evokes similar feelings as time spent with karesansui x zen dry gardens. As with many great works of art, they feel accidental but simultaneously 100% intentional. Like throwing the perfect dice in some game that hasn’t been invented yet.

Ngawi (home to many fur seals) and Haast are two similarly epic locations, where the landscapes are intense and the internet is down the road

But here is the interesting part: spending time in such places reveals things. Things you might not otherwise even notice. Habits. Patterns. Reflex actions.

Of course I had my laptop. And some decent JBL LSR25 self-powered monitors. ableton LIVE. Tenori On. 2020 beat monster.

I had plenty of jams – being the West Coast rainforests, it rained continuously for 24 hours and I stayed home & made loud sounds. And quiet ones.

But I kept catching myself launching Chrome bookmarks. “Just checking whats up…” my brain told itself, while knowing that 2 bars does not an Internet connection make.

Moral of the story:
I believe I am preparing to air gap my studio

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