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If you own or are considering starting a modular synth in the Eurorack format, then the Modular Mega Planner is a very useful site as it lets you physically arrange any of the currently available modules in the space available for the various size cases available… And believe you me, it takes a bit of thinking about & trial & error to work out the best layout for a modular synth. Inevitably I am influenced by the synths I have used in the past & although they were not modular, they did have a very logical & ergonomic layout through the work of their designers… but they also didnt have to think about both audio and control voltage patching!

So via the MegaPlanner here is where my modular synth is at (click image for larger version)

The top G6 case houses drum modules, VCOs and sequencer…

The next G6 case houses primarily processing

Then I have a G3 case which is primarily for i/o

And best of all I still have my A100 suitcase, sitting completely empty….

And those gaping black holes? They represent the future! In the empty space in the processing rack I think I’ll get one of the Malekko Assmaster distortion modules once they become available…

After that? Who knows… but it sure as hell is a great time to be building a modular synth, with so many developers producing such inspiring modules…

Heres a list of Eurorack manufacturers maintained at the MuffWiggler Forum:


Analogue Systems (UK)

Analogue Solutions (UK)

Bananalogue (USA)

Bubblesound (US)

Cwejman (Sweden)

Cyndustries (USA)

Doepfer (Germany)

Elby Designs (Australia)

Flight of Harmony (USA)

Future Sound Systems (UK)

Harvestman (USA)

Livewire (USA)

Makenoise (USA)

Malekko (USA)

Metasonix (USA)

MFB (Germany)

Plan B (USA)

Tip Top (USA)

5 thoughts on “Eurorack Modular Mega-Planner

  1. admin Post author

    Heh, my sister is living in Sweden for next few years so i have a little trip planned at some point to visit her & hopefully visit Cwejman… and return with my carryon luggage full of modules! Saving my pennies for that mission!

  2. Scott

    Modular grid is such a great tool – although it gets out of hand really quickly! I’m just starting out and wondered where you get your eurorack modules from?

      1. Scott

        Cool I’ve been in contact with them and also Rhythm active in aus, equinox seem to stock more brands although as you said – depends on stock availability. Thanks for the info.

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