Go Judy! well, R.I.P. at least…

The Wizard of Oz was one of the first films I ever saw at the cinema. I used to go & stay with Granmother, Irene, during school holidays & god bless her over the course of three or four years she took me to all the coolest kids films – Willie Wonka, Doctor Doolittle…. but The Wizard of Oz was the first & I can still vividly remember being thrilled & terrified by it! So for a bit of nosalgia, here is a 17 year old Judy Garland singing the classic “Somewhere over the rainbow” – hey theres Toto!!!

Here she is as an adult singing the same song:
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Despite having an intense loathing of christmas carols, here she is in 1963 singing a beautiful xmas song – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

While hunting for those previous video clips little did I know the conspiracys that exist about The Wizard of Oz, first the Pink Floyd conspiracy: The Dark Side of Oz

Then the one about the Munchkin committing suicide on set!?

And if you can believe this documentary, it would seem Judy never really found her yellow brick road – alcohol & barbituates were the substitute that killed her…

hmmmmmm… way to trash my childhood memorys youtube!

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