How it started x How it’s going



October 6th



November 27th

Zucchini x3 + Corn x 21 + sunflowers
7 weeks of water & sun = growth!

FOLIAGE recording progresses at its own rate…





2 thoughts on “How it started x How it’s going

  1. leyton

    so I haven’t been here for a while but I like how you’re pivoting to a gardening blog. All power to photosynthesis!

    1. tim Post author

      hah yes indeed! I am merging all of my interests, so in 2022 you can expect an album/film which includes photos, field recording, sampling, strange instruments, foley props and also comes with a lovely fresh salad and some shiso seeds… also FWIW the second greenhouse didn’t exist until the first lockdown 2020. My sanity resides within.

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