Saw this for sale on Japanese auction site and at first glance thought it was wrecked… Why would anyone pull all the knobs off a guitar pedal? Not worth the trouble…

But it intrigued me. I was completely unaware of Alesis even making this format until I got an Alesis BITRMAN a year or so ago, and wow that’s a great FSU pedal. But this Metavox pedal looked dodgy, was it worth the hassle?

Next day my subconscious pipes up:
sub: I know one reason someone might pull all the knobs off this pedal!
me: I’m listening, tell me more
sub: it’s a vocoder. Who uses a vocoder in Japan?
me: musicians….
sub: and?
me: um…. robots?
sub: I’m listening, tell me more
me: robots… who have to stay in character?
sub: and who have a consistent robot voice…
me: AH!! They removed the knobs so their Metavox stays the same?
sub: You got it! It’s been used in ‘set and forget’ mode…
me: ooohhh (checks other photos & sees glowing LED)
me: makes tiny sniper bid
sub: (3am next morning) you got it!
me: wahoo! $75 vocoder FTW! bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzzt!



off to Thonk to buy 4 knobs..




Seems there is a filter pedal in the series too, Philtre…




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