Music Tech Wireframe Eye Candy!

Every now & again I come across a musician who is also a graphic designer, and it seems the two vocations have some common ground… Hence its not uncommon to come across some inspired graphic projects involving clever sound/music all by the same person… and same, vice versa… and heres two I came across recently:

Yukio Miyamoto is a Japanese Illustrator who’s 3D modelling & photorealistic rendering is fantastic! In fact some of the technology he models looks like it is fresh out of the factory – check these two Nagra recorders (and check his site for fullsize images)

Swedish designer Klas Tauberman modelled & then animated a fantastic video of the Technics SL1200Mk2 turntable – the video plays almost like an animated exploded diagram from the coolest instruction manual ever and has a lovely granulated soundtrack. Heres some stills but go to his site & watch the quicktime!

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