Nostalgia Alert – 4am Electric

Weird! A music video for some drum & bass/breakbeat music I made a million years ago (ie mid 90s) turned up on youtube… That was back when I released music as Short Fuse; apart from a few tracks on compilations I also released an album Solid State on the german label called incoming! A good friend of mine made the music video in Osaka, shooting stop motion with an exoskeleton… Have a look/listen here:

Bear in mind I was making music in Studio Vision back then, using a Samplecell sampler with 8MB of RAM and a 4 channel ProTools system, laying it all off to 16 track tape, and then mixing analogue back into ProTools… And full marks to anyone who can trainspot where the opening/recurring chord progression is sampled from!

PS should anyone want to download an mp3 copy of that Short Fuse album go here

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