I finished recording the next HISSandaROAR Ambience Library, RAIN, as have now max’d out the ProTools timeline = 24 hours of mostly multitrack recordings! Recorded over the last 5+ years, in 3 different countries…

I asked on Twitter and I will ask here too – do you have a favourite film scene that is set in the rain?
Happy to be reminded of more than a few classics: Bladerunner, Seven Samurai, Solaris, Forest Gump, Jurassic Park, The Shawshank Redemption, Magnolia, Road to Perdition, Se7en, Totoro, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind…. any others?



2 thoughts on “RAIN

  1. Matt Baron

    This isn’t my favorite scene set in rain, I’m sure if I thought longer I could come up with something else, but it is a scene set in rain in my favorite movie. The scene in Ordinary People with Conrad and Buck on the boat in the middle of a storm is what sets up the emotional climax in what I think is a very powerful film so it is what immediately jumps out at me.

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