Phew! I’m almost back in my own time zone… Today I went to boot up the ableton LIVE session of the music/sound for the interactive museum thing I have been working on in Japan & of course Kontakt pipes up, saying ‘EXCUSE ME! you haven’t installed version 3 on your main PT HD2 system!” which sounds like an easy problem to solve until you appreciate Kontakt 3 comes with a 30 Gigabyte library… Of course my drive for sampler libraries is full (with other stuff) so half a days worth of copying later & Kontakt 3 happily now resides on both my laptop AND my desktop/studio Mac… AND I can actually boot up & hear what I’ve been working on, in a proper listening environment…
But thats only part one of my technical achievements of the day: I also solved a problem thats been driving me nuts for 3 months now: I (bravely/foolishly) upgraded to ProTools 7.4 and suddenly my Waves Gold bundle won’t load, won’t load as in proTooils crashes instead of launching if Waves is even installed!?! I was perturbed but put it out of my mind while away, presuming Waves would have an update sorted by the time I got back. NOPE! Same old v5.9.1 was sitting there just as it was when I left 2 months ago… hmmmmmmm
Swap emails with waves tech support, situation remains the same.. then finally in a fit of inspiration/pure frustration I think: OK Lets remove ALL the variables: and removed all ProTools plugins except Waves. HOLY SH+T – ProTools boots fine!!!! Ok, I then start a process of reintroducing plugin after plugin, launching ProTools, see if it launches or crashes & then repeating… two hours later it & my process of elimination has come down to one plugin: Cycling 74 PLUGGO!!!!!
ARG!!!!! Something very obscure is causing ProTools to crash whenever Waves AND Pluggo are installed. Remove Waves & Pluggo happily installs & proTools launches… DAMN thats one obscure conflict!!!!
Moral to the story: When trouble shooting
(a) presume nothing
(b) remove all variables (ie establish a basic functionality with no third party software)
(c) dont wait for tech support to solve your (obscure) problems
(d) welcome home, fresh brain!

2 thoughts on “Revelations/Revolutions

  1. Steve Gallagher


    Did you ever solve the Pluggo/PT 7.4 issue?
    I am having a similar issue..PT decides to freeze up and quit when I try to use Pluggo. No fun!



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