These buses are the main form of transport in Samoa for a lot of people and they make me smile every time I see one approaching; apart from the great paint & decorations they always, and I mean always, have loud subby music booming from them. The night I stayed at Manunu Village I was woken at 6.30am by the distant bassline of the first bus of the day… as it got closer I started to assimilate the beat it was playing, then fell back asleep…

It might not look that hot but the thermometer in the car said it was 35 degrees! I set up the mics, hit record & lay down on the grass… but within about 3 minutes I just about passed out from the heat & had to retreat to the shade…. music for insects….

Recording curfew #2 at Manunu Village

Using the rental car as a mic stand – Le Mafa Pass Road

Taelefaga, the mics are pointed into a beautiful wide valley, looking down to Fagaloa Bay

Catching the ferry to Savaii – the water is even more beautifully turquoize than these photos!

My first morning on Savaii I was woken before dawn by this pinky orange glow – the fale I stayed in was built out over the water of a lagoon & it faced the sunrise so I purposefully left the curtains wide open…. I woke just long enough to take this photo, and to then set a timelapse going… A few downpours passed over while my timelapse was running and watching it afterwards it is so beautiful to see the surface of the lagoon pixelate and then smooth out again…. will upload it when I’m home… and have found the right sound to sync…


  1. Gethin

    Hi Tim You have inspired me to start a sound library of Kangaroo Island. Next time I’m in NZ which hopefully is soon I’d like to see what sort of kit you use.
    Cheers Gethin

  2. Christine White

    what fantastic photos and what an awesome trip you are having capturing the sounds of samoa. enjoy!!

  3. Simon

    If your sounds re as good as these pics are Tim I believe that we’re in business! Look forward to hearing all your goodies asap!

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