Savaii, Samoa Timelapse

Savaii, Samoa timelapse from tim prebble on Vimeo.

This is the timelapse I shot at dawn, on my first morning on Savaii, the larger but less populated island of Samoa. I was staying at Lusias Lagoon (highly reccomended!) and set this timelapse going about 6.30am through to 9.30am. You see the ferry go past on its way to Upolo, then back again. That ferry trip is over an hour each way so you can get a feel for the speed that time is passing… Love the shower of rain that arrives @0.50!


ps the vid is 720p so hit the vimeo page to see it in better rez

6 thoughts on “Savaii, Samoa Timelapse

  1. Paul F

    There are certain things viewed in time lapse, like clouds evolving or a plant maturing from seed to sapling, that make you take a step back and realize that there’s always something beautiful or interesting happening around you – sometimes it just takes a little patience.

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