Sergio Leone tribute

The cinematic world owes a huge debt to Sergio Leone & his composer Ennio Morricone but they also borrow from those who went before them eg just try watching A Fistful of Dollars followed by Akira Kurosawa’s film Yojimbo and you will see what i mean, literally…. but before you do, check out this great tribute to them both, in the form of a promo for Sky Cinema Classics…

Here is a link to the official site for Ennio Morricone, plus a great interview in the Guardian and I will borrow a lovely quote from it:

“I come from a background of experimental music which mingled real sounds together with musical sounds,” he explains, “so I used real sounds partly to give a kind of nostalgia that the film had to convey. I also used these realistic sounds in a psychological way. With The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, I used animal sounds – as you say, the coyote sound – so the sound of the animal became the main theme of the movie. I don’t know how I had this idea. It’s just according to your experiences, and following the musical avant-garde.”

and another pearl of wisdom:

“The music in a film must enter politely, very slowly, like an uninvited guest at a party.”

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