Sonic Q&A 06

Do you hear sounds in your dreams?

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  1. mimou

    From time to time. Usually my dreams are purely visual. Sometimes there are sounds, smells, tastes. Sounds with dreams I usually remember very well, especially those with music I’ve never heard before in a real world.

  2. Dan

    Often an indistinct mumbling, and it’s been recurring periodically my entire life. Someone recently told me this was probably a “womb dream”, which had never occurred to me before.

  3. Enos Desjardins

    Definitely plenty of sounds in my dreams! I remember one dream I which started in different ways and involving large cruise ships. Towards the end of the dream the boat would run into a storm…then it would stop…and then slowly start tilting sideways until smashing into the sea! I dreamed 3 times in the same week with dreams ending exactly this same way! What I most remember of the dreams are the crazy metal creaking and groaning as the ship folded into the see! It was this huge metallic sound with its pitch curving down as it approached the sea!Pretty crazy sounds!

  4. Alan Russell

    I often hear songs in my dreams. Sometimes they are ones from reality, other times they seem to be original. Either way, I’ll have forgotten them within a few hours of waking up. I wish there was a way of recording those songs, preferably at 24bit, 96kHz. I’d be rich by now!

  5. Rene Coronado

    I never really physically perceive the sounds in my dream. Its more like an imagination of a sound. Like if I were to image a sound of a train by right now by remembering it when I was there, that’s the way most of the sounds occur in my dreams. I can “hear” pretty clearly, but I’m not really hearing anything. It always feels a step removed.

  6. Colin Hunter

    Much like Rene, I don’t actually perceive the sounds in y dreams as I perceive sound when I’m awake, but there are definitely some dreams where I imagine sounds. One such example which is pretty common is when I dream that a fire alarm, or similar is going off, when actually it’s my alarm. This has happened quite a few times before.

  7. _blank

    The most strange sound experiences that I’ve had related with dreams are hypnagogic hallucinations, it has happened to me a couple of times and it’s quite unsettling.

  8. Matt

    In my dreams, I can often remember hearing shadows of sounds, almost like lo-fi temp fx for the real thing. When there’s music, it usually isn’t fully formed either, just a couple parts at a time.

  9. Kai

    I’ve thought about this quite a bit.
    When I dream, I figure I’m in a state of being completely gullible. What I mean by that is if I tell myself I’m seeing something or hearing something, I see or hear it.
    So when I realize I’m dreaming, everything disappears, and I can’t see or hear anything then my body tells me to wake up because I become conscious again.

  10. bluekun9

    I think I only heard of two dreams so far, really enjoying it.
    It was a week I’ve been practicing all day scratching, and of course I dreamed of scratches .. but I was very pleased to have heard anything in a dream.

    It’s my first answer in this fabulous site musicofsound thank you very much for sharing ..

  11. thomas m

    I rarely remember my dreams and specific sounds, but when I do it’s usually melodies, tones or voices. I manage to write them down sometimes (after waking) using weird dream logic symbols and words (I’m not crazy! :)) making it possible for me to remember. I however almost always “hear” the hit when I “fall” asleep very loudly. Do any of you experience that as well?

  12. Ryan

    Like Rene and Colin, I don’t hear sounds in my dreams. I remember what the dream sounded like, however. But, when I do get that “falling sensation” and wake up (like a bump in Inception) I sometimes hear wind as if I’m skydiving.

  13. Tom Heuzenroeder

    In a word yes, but like some of the other responses here, the way I perceive the sound in my dreams is different from the way I perceive sound in reality. I had a dream recently where there was a huge rushing/roaring sound – something approaching and perhaps a bit earthquake-like, and I could see the other people in my dream responding to the sound too. Seconds later, as it got louder and louder I awoke. When I think about it while I’m awake, it just seems more like a feeling than a physical sound.

    1. Dot.

      When I dream, sound is exactly the same as when I am awake. Voices speaking, music, and background sounds are all similar to waking, with the exception of the occassional slow-mo sound of a nightmare!

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