Sonic Q&A 07

The last time I had tinnitus/hearing damage from exposure to a loud source source was:

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  1. Dan

    Firecracker thrown at me, exploded by ear, deaf on one side for over a day. Hearing checked later, and fully recovered. I was about 20.

  2. leyton

    im guessing yesterday. At the dentist, super high speed drill on a rear tooth, that resonated through my face bones into my ear. THink 14k at 100 db. sounding like an electric crack. I jumped and that stopped the procedure. It was intense. Ears ringing rest of the day, seems fine today…but….

  3. Ravn

    Two weeks ago when my drummer suddenly started practicing his snare-rolls, while my head and body where stuck under his kit trying to untangle some cables…

  4. Ryan

    Never had problems with extreme noise levels.

    On that topic, does anyone know if a jaw problem or joint problem with my jaw bone near my ear could effect my hearing at some point? I can crack my jaw like a knuckle and some say it’s TMJ but I’m not sure. What worries me is that it’s right near where my ear is… Tim, do you know anything about that?

  5. Rishi Dani

    About a month ago while recording small bore rifle shots at an indoor shooting range. My right ear got busted for a very brief moment as I opened the ear defender slightly to hear something my partner was whispering about metering on the recorder.. and Bang!!! Luckily my ear was away from the direct source. Recently bought some pairs of good ear plugs from ebay… once bitten twice shy 🙂

  6. Christine White

    well…i have tinnitus continually – sometimes noticeable, sometimes not…but you asked from a loud source…my strongest memory is from years ago (maybe 15) when i got my head too close to a guitar amp. funny this question comes today though – i have ben told that when people get an unexpected ring in the ear, it’s indication of damage to part of brain…i had a sudden noticeable tone today – not as high frequency as normal and it went on for quite some time…so…sonic damage right there. 🙂

  7. greg

    doing production sound on a feature last summer. the main actor/director/producer/AD (…not a good combination) had the quietest voice, but the most sibilant “s” There was a couple times when I threw my headphones off my head with a ringing ear.

  8. Tom Heuzenroeder

    – from when I went to see a friend’s disco band, in a small licensed venue that was fitted with a nasty sounding sound system – I forgot my earplugs, and though I looked like an anti-fan by blocking my ears with my fingers, the band was still too loud.

  9. Miles B.

    Two days ago at a bar in Troy, NY. There was a DJ at the back of the bar, and from where I was sitting he was on my right. His speakers were terrible, very piercing, loud. Came out of there nearly deaf in my right ear.

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