Soundalike? For a political party? How naive could you be…

Follow this for the arc of a collosal fck up

1. Imagine you are a political party, approaching an election. You are also the current government

2. You need promotional video/s for TV, online and frankly everywhere you can possibly show them to inspire people to vote for you.

3. Someone is hired to conceive, pitch, storyboard & make those videos

4. From day 1 that video pitch/storyboard would have had music

5. Turns out the approved video uses an Eminem soundalike, tactfully titled “Eminen Esque” and I would bet that ‘temp music’ soundalike was used in the original pitch. Simply because in such circumstances, music has an important contribution to make.

6. 2 years later said political party is in court for copyright infringement for use of said ‘soundalike’ with the original composer even playing the guitar riff live in court. He was asked if he thought Eminem Esque was musically inferior to Lose Yourself, and replied: “Given it’s a blatant rip off, yes.”

Just how many ways is this completely fcked?

I’m not going to start some list, but the first simple & most important issue is this: where is the pride in the culture of your own country that you would not try to find a musician, songwriter or composer who is actually from your own country and who also subscribes to your particular form of neoLiberalism and who might be keen to provide what you need?

Didn’t happen.

More than anything else, this court case perfectly illustrates the way such people think about music. And that attitude deserves to bite them in them arse BIG TIME.

Dear National Party,
Please Lose Yourself

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