A decade ago, at the end of 2013 when I moved into my Karehana Bay house I was stoked to see the sunset behind Mana Island. I knew the house had a great view of Mana Island but I hadn’t been here overnight, to even see sunset. I enjoyed it so much I thought it was permanent, but as Summer passed I suddenly noticed sunset moving… And over the following weeks it moved across behind Mana Island, then North towards Hongoeka marae, and eventually around the corner, towards Pukerua Bay and no longer in my direct field of view.

This year, the transit behind Mana Island has just started:


So I decided to document it…

… using two Solar Cans gaffer taped to my lounge window

Solar Can is basically a pinhole camera in a can, perfect for very long exposures!
I set these two shooting about 2 weeks ago, and will wait until the sunset has ‘fcked off round the corner’ before I take them down & develop them…. Instructions for the SolarCan are here




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