THE DOORS – Naming Convention

Ok heres an update on naming conventions for THE DOORS library, please point out any issues, shortcomings or ideas – Based on this system a file like:
DOOR Church front wood EXT open close hard slam TP.L.wav
DOOR Church front wood EXT open close hard slam TP.R.wav
would include both the close and wide perspective

DOOR [building] [door type] [material] [INT or EXT] [actions] [recordist initials]

So heres what my uploaded folder would look like:

Door naming

48 thoughts on “THE DOORS – Naming Convention

    1. tim Post author

      i think all the close perspective first (they will get used most often) then the wide perspective…

  1. jeff p

    so with the open/close do you want all 5 of the opens edited together or alternate opening and closing?

  2. Max

    This looks very clear. I have two other suggestions:

    1 – I think it might be a good idea if you gave everybody an actual finished audio-set of one door, just an mp3 or so. If we all use that as a reference when editing our recordings we’ll have roughly the same loudness, structure of content and pauses between the takes and stuff like that. It would make the library more consistent and clear.

    2 – We might also want to include some more important parameters of the type of door in the filename. What about how the door works, as in: Regular, Slide, Fold, Trap – maybe also the rough absolute size, like Small (like a cupboard door), Normal, Large (big gate). If you do this in a standardized way (and in ALL filenames) you can easily get to all the the normal size regular doors, or the large size slide doors or whatever. This is different from typing regular metadata, because it is standardized. It should go in the end of the filename though, to not be in the way of more important descriptions when actually working with the files in your DAW.

    So your church door might be named something like this:
    DOOR Church front wood EXT open close hard slam LARGE REGULAR TP.wav

    And the folding door to your porch might be called this:
    DOOR Porch front plastic EXT open close soft NORMAL FOLD TP.wav

  3. David V

    A proposition if we write how the door works :

    I suppose most of the doors will be REGULAR, so maybe we don’t have to write REGULAR on each of them, just explaining when it’s not REGULAR would be enough

    Question to the folders :

    Maybe we also need to write our initial in the folder’s name in order not to have multiple folders with the same name and problems to upload ?

      1. Max

        Well, less typing is good, but it defeats the idea of being able to search for regular doors only — unless you search for “door – exclude slide – exclude fold – exclude trap” which is a lot of typing in later stages (EVERY time you want to search for a regular door)

        1. tim Post author

          I think the same about size – if its a house door its not going to be LARGE is it?

          Specifying normality seems redundant to me

      1. Max

        I think that most people will very much prefer interleaved stereo for their sound-library. Split stereo doubles the file-count and you to have to skip every second filename when searching in your library because it’s the same as the one before. I mean I also work in ProTools, but I copy all FX into the project-folder anyway when I import, so they become split-files at that moment.

        1. tim Post author

          I am happy for you to voice your opinion but I think you should speak for yourself, not generalise on your perception of ‘most people’?

          I use SoundMiner which displays split stereo as a single file, and I suspect most people use a secondary app for library management & access… which makes it a non-issue

          I’ll set up a survey if enough people request interleaved stereo, but if the library were delivered interleaved the first thing I would do is de-interleave them…

            1. Dave Cooper

              I’m not part of the recording but I would be interested in buying the final library. If it was all in split stereo it would put me off, I would prefer interleaved. But that might be just me.

          1. Max

            Sorry for generalizing. Would it be possible to batch-convert the whole thing to interleaved in the end, so we can download whatever format fits best? Barba-Batch does this.

            1. tim Post author

              I’ve checked with a few people since & interleaved may be the majority – I’ll set that survey up!

              1. Rene

                I’ll vote for interleaved, though only mildly. Soundminer works with split stereo fine, but only stores the metadata in the .L file, leaving half of the files without metadata.

                1. robin

                  I am not a sound designer but a sound artist. I do not use any special library software. Split files are a pain for those like me who would otherwise like such a library. In fact, all the sound and sample libraries I have used are interleaved. Not sure if this is a difference in industry standards.

  4. tim Post author

    If I get time this weekend I will record, edit & prep a set of recordings of one door, but its more likely to be a week or so from now – I’m mid way through final mix on a film & have too much else on at present..

  5. matt L

    about initials: it is possible we might have some conflicts with people having the same initials. should we database our initials beforehand to avoid a renaming job for tim?


    1. tim Post author

      i have a google docs spreadsheet with everyones name etc in it, maybe i share that with everyone?

  6. refund

    this might be a dumb question, but what exactly is metadata?

    is it a set of tags to identify the sample?
    is it used to create a marker for the beggining of each sample?
    is the metadata information stores ‘within’ the file or is it a seperate file?

    I’m a little worried because without access to pro tools (which I am to understand I will need to put the metadata into the files) I may not be able to deliver the files as required.

    I couldn’t find anything online that described the use of metadata within sound files accurately enough to know how to get it into the samples.

    1. tim Post author

      Metadata is simply a way of adding more text info into a .WAV file, seperate to the file name. It is a part of the .WAV file

      Don’t panic about it yet – wait until I test the sound devices free metadata app….

        1. tim Post author

          I dont think thats possible – but everyone MUST include a photo of the door in each folder of sounds…

              1. Rene

                My cursory research says that the wav and bwav spec doesn’t support album art, and the way that most programs deal with the issue is proprietary to the specific program. IOW soundminer handles it differently than itunes, etc, so that probably rules it out as far as distributing a library with cross-platform embedded images.

                FWIW, I’d love for the photos of the doors to at least be included in the deliverable inside of the folders of the recordings (since you’ll have the photos anyway). In fact I’d pay extra for that because a visual of the sound recorded is immensely helpful when searching my library. I would end up just tagging the images in SM after the fact. I actually tagged all of the veggie violence and swish sounds that we purchased from you with the kewl photographs you put on your site, just as a general marker.

                Again, I religiously photograph the sounds that I record for my library both as a mic and mic placement ref and as a visual ref of what I’m hearing. Makes my face happier and my life easier when pulling sounds. 🙂

          1. Rene

            soundminer does embed photos into the metadata of the wav files FWIW. I use that religiously, but it may be SM specific.

      1. Thierry

        I would love to know your findings with SDs Wave Agent. I use it and also PT and Soundminer, but it’s not always logical to exchange metadata between the applications and BWAV BEXT, iXML etc



  7. Andreas

    We’ll have a problem the minute two contributor has files that go into the same folder – say, “apartment kitchen wood INT” – then the different files would get mixed together, due to the naming convention.

    Now if you do initials first, then the rest of the file name, then the problem would disappear.

    1. tim Post author

      No, definitely not initials first – that makes no sense, eg when the files are in the PT regionlist you want DOORs grouped together, not randomnly sorted by initials

      And the files will not be added to the same folder, they will be sorted/grouped in nested folders like this:

      > DOOR Apartment (folder)
      ___> DOOR Apartment bathroom wood INT TP (folder)
      ___> DOOR Apartment front wood EXT CT (folder)
      ___> DOOR Apartment lounge wood INT TP (folder)

      > DOOR Church (folder)
      ___> DOOR Church front wood EXT CT (folder)
      ___> DOOR Church front wood EXT RS (folder)

      > DOOR House (folder)
      ___> DOOR House bathroom wood INT TP (folder)
      ___> DOOR House front wood EXT CT (folder)
      ___> DOOR House lounge wood INT TP (folder)

      So inside the DOOR Apartment folder will be a folder for each apartment door thats been submitted – You can’t have too many files in one directory without it slowing down the OS, so for that reason & also so files dont get out of order, they will always stay in their own folder….

    1. Erik G

      If we are 114 recordists it is a pretty big chance that some of the people will have the same initials. =)

          1. robin

            I was also going to ask about initials. Three letters gets my vote for avoiding issues, but still there will have to be a central list.

            1. Tim Walston

              Tim Prebble wrote that he has a master database of the recordists offering to be involved… If there’s an issue with matching initials, he’ll easily be able to tell us. If so, three initials makes sense. You can always put your full name in the metadata description field too, if you want.

              1. tim Post author

                What I plan to do is late next week (once I have the contributor document ready) I will send a group email to everyone, which will include:

                – contributor agreement
                – contribution deadline (June 12)
                – final delivery specs (interleaved is leading the survey)
                – ftp details
                – list of names of all contributors with suggested initials

                On the ftp site I’ll also upload an example set of door recordings…

                We have 147 recordists but 22 haven’t replied to the reward email – I’ll send them one last email on monday before deleting them…

                I also imagine 10% of the recordists won’t make the deadline, please prove me wrong 😉

                Incase there is an issue with their email heres a list of people who haven’t replied – please email me confirmation to the reward email that has been sent to you twice now…

                Andrea Damiano
                Andreas Wetterberg
                Andrew CricitalDistance
                Carla Murray
                Dave Evans
                David Bondelevitch
                David Das
                E Z Smith
                Eric Shepherd
                Frank Van Bracht
                Grant Finlay
                Hayden East
                Mike Caslake
                Ryan Wilson
                Sebastian Pohle
                Thomas Assembyline
                TJ Milian
                Victor Buruiana

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