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I saw someone comment on Twitter a while ago that the National Library of NZ was dumping 57,000 books! There was a bit of debate about it… Of course they weren’t being dumped they were being ‘withdrawn’ and via Lions were to be sold for $2 each… Intrigued I made a note of the date… which was today!

Interestingly the books “cover the Dewey range from 0 to 350” – what does that include? As a kid one of my ‘super powers’ was researching and using the great inter-loan system to access niche books that no local library could ever justify owning…
Dewey system:
Class 000 – Computer science, information & general works
Class 100 – Philosophy & psychology
Class 200 – Religion
Class 300 – Social sciences

I figured there has got to be some great weirdness amongst all that…. and I was right!



Colour Breathing? If you say so…





Only reason I bought this one was due to there being an NZ band with the same name…
1982 NZ electronic:


cringe then, cringe now








Didn’t buy this last one… no synths involved!





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