Xmas Shopping?

Buying Christmas presents for people obsessed with their own particular music or sound related art form must be a nightmare, and I suspect many people just give in & buy vouchers or ask… but there is nothing better than receiving a well thought out present from someone who knows you & your obsessions well enough to find something truly applicable – its the thought that counts after all.. So heres a few suggestions for presents that don’t cost a fortune & probably will be appreciated…

For Sound Designers/Sound Editors: a book is maybe the best bet, here is a a list of my favourite relevant books & chances are they wont have the excellent Soundscape book of lectures from the UK School of Sound.

For Musicians: a 20 note Mechanical Music Box and order 10 extra blank music strips while you are at it…

For Directors/Animators/Graphic Designers/Editors: a Moleskin Storyboard notebook or for Musicians (who can write & read those funny squiggles) a Moleskin Music Notebook

Or a synth/audio related T shirt? Hoody? Mug? Notebook?
Check out Gear Addict Clothing

A flatpack cardboard boombox for your ipod

Feel free to add any other suggestions in the comments….

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