Attack of the Solenoids!

CDM has a great image of a solenoid powered physical sequencer which amongst other things has a great physical representation of quantizing, almost like a blocky moire pattern. When I was searching for info on the music of wires post I found a few great videos of music created using solenoids to play objects, check them out (but watch out for motion sickness with the wild camera moves on the first one!)

And a solenoid powered xylophone, which is interesting how the click of the solenoids combine with the xylophone tone – almost like having a clicky drum kit playing along…

One thought on “Attack of the Solenoids!

  1. D. Kristian

    Very interesting. Like a cross between the Raymond Scott Wall of Sound sequencer and the Xylomatic.

    Raymond Scott’s “wall of sound” was essentially a complex electro-mechanical sequencer that triggered an array of Eico 377 audio generators (and possibly many other things).

    The Wall of Sound:

    The Eico 377(which I also used to own):

    The Xylomatic (available on eBay from time to time):

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