BLACK SHEEP FX Recording 3

Ever since doing Worlds Fastest Indian I really enjoy recording vehicle sound effects and Black Sheep had two main vehicles we needed to augment – a good old Landrover and a classic Morris 1300… Luckily we got access to them both at Pikarari, a farm south of Titahi Bay..

The Landrover was a bit stuffed – first gear graunched & grated like crazy (which we also recorded for the library) but once I got going it ran well & I spent an hour or more performing variations of all of the moves in the film. We had the landrover wired up to record onboard sound the whole time so we ended up with lots of good onboard recordings (one dynamic mic on the exhaust & the other on the motor)

Matt Lambourn recorded all the exterior moves using his Sound Devices 722 & my Sanken CSS5 mic. We also recorded some good heavy body falls onto grass by throwing around an old tractor tyre that happened to be on the back of the landrover…

The mighty Morris 1300 – I drove again, but this was a bumpier ride as the Morris had been lowered & had hardly any suspension… a fun car though – i’d love a restored one except refitted as a hybrid, future retro style!

We got finished just as the sunset…

6 thoughts on “BLACK SHEEP FX Recording 3

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  2. Eden

    I own that morris(badged an Austin)! I brought it off a guy in plimmerton called Joop. Still use it as an every day driver!

  3. tim

    Hi Eden
    i sure hope you’ve sorted out the rear suspension since I drove it!
    My lower back just grimaced at the thought, but its such a cool car,
    I can well appreciate owning it – my granmother had a great Riley Elf,
    walnut dashboard & all… I kinda dream of converting a car like that
    to electric, except I’d overdo the sub woofer amp & get stuck half
    way home with no power cos I had the music cranked up too loud 🙂

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