BLACK SHEEP FX Recording 4

Aside from vegetables we also did a wood FX recording and some cloth ripping FX. We managed to find an old chest of drawers at the junkstore for $10, plus a selection of various blankets, towells, sheets etc for tearing apart… money well spent!

First to go was the individual drawers, then the outer shell filled with debris and then each of the remaining pieces until all we had left was a pile of debris.

I also collected up a bag full of drift wood from the beach, which provided many variations on breaks, snaps etc but we also found a number of great creaks by tightly bending & manipulating with pliers. Recording some of these sounds we switched the dynamic mic for my Trance Inducer contact mic, which made some of the very subtle creaks sound MASSIVE! Pictured is Age Pryor, FX Assistant, manipulating wood with pliers..

As the film is set on a farm there are a number of times when people clamber over wire fences so Age built a fence structure, great sounding but not so functional at keeping sheep in a paddock! By stressing & wrangling the wire, the wood resonated really nicely… another one for the contact mic, some of these sounds were also used as part of creepy ambiences when inside the shearing shed etc..

My one other inspired idea for violence sound effects was seaweed!
When I was out collecting some of the driftwood we recorded, I stood on some old dried out seaweed and it made some VERY interesting snapping sounds! I suspect its because seaweed has a lot of pockets of air trapped inside it, not sure… So we collected up a big stack of seaweed (well Kristin did, much thanks!) and then totally dried it out using fan heaters & set to & broke, twisted & gouged it in as many ways as possible. It also created some good debris sounds as it broke down into smaller pieces.

Its good for the garden too!
I’ll post a photo of my 11 foot high sunflower once it flowers!

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