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▶ Such interesting times in the analog world: vinyl outsells digital for music in the UK for the first time, combines with the irony of seeing ads on local TV for vinyl ‘hear your favourite albums like never before… on vinyl’ and one of their examples is a Bob Marley LP released on vinyl 30+ years ago… And this: how a chatbot helped this vinyl records startup make $1 Million in 8 months!
In the end its all good news, especially when you consider the accompanying resurgence in great artwork, for example check out this gorgeous & profoundly inspired work: The 20 best record sleeves of 2016


▶ “First test using the Kanjira to play the Buchla.
The Buchla 230e is key in achieving this. I mult the input to pre 1 into the other 2 followers to get different gates and envelopes.
The Buchla 230e is completely brilliant, the preamps sound lovely and the gate/envelope extraction is a wonder.

Kanjira is a Southern Indian frame drum played in Carnatic music to accompany the Mridangam. Its an amazing little drum and is quite versatile. If you want to hear what it is capable of then you should check out these dudes Ganesh Kumar, G Harishankar (Legend), Pete Locket etc. Do a search, this drum will blow your mind. Also check out Trichy Sankarin, a Mridangam player (my absolute favourite) but he also plays a pretty mean Kanjira.”

inspiring work by d4nnyp


▶ The History of Rhythm with Evelyn Glennie (thanks Luis!)


▶ re fake news


▶ do you know the work of czech photographer Josef Koudelka? incredibly beautiful panoramas!!
check these full screen


▶ equally fascinating, the back story to 100 classic TIME photos



▶ great interview with Carl Stone


▶ rage room or recording opportunity?


▶ a Juno 106 in your browser? no, of course not… but a fun emulation


▶ I would LOVE to hear the work of Andy Cavatorta IRL (thanks Jeremy!)


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