Detritus 407

▶ re finishing things…


▶ Artist recreates Sgt. Pepper’s cover with stars who died in 2016


▶ I own some BBC Sound effects LPs but not these two – squeaky eyeballs? uncomfortable silences?


▶ “we’ve lost the battle for the everlasting carrier. We just need to concentrate on everlasting content.”


▶ Spitfire just posted ‘Scoring a Film’ – part 3 – previously part 2 and part 1


▶ maybe not the reaction they were hoping for?


▶ ‘entre límites / zwischen grenzen – berlin is a large group exhibition in Berlin as a climax of a three-year residency and exchange project between Mexican and German sound art artists, more info here


▶ success in the music industry takes many forms – all I can say is, I hope she has some synths in there with all those cats!!


▶ wow love this guys work: Preserving the little-known works of a groundbreaking Guatemalan sound artist – also on kickstarter


▶ In my youth I rented & lived in an old church in central Christchurch – it was a strange modernist concrete church and weirdest of all the main big room had a tap in the corner, no sink or anything… just a tap. I presumed it was holy water, but never tested that theory… Anyway, if you’ve ever lived in a factory or warehouse space this is a great read & reflection on the recent tragedy:
The Paradox of Life Affirming Death Traps


▶ If you have some travel during the upcoming holidays (or just need some interesting listening) there are some great reccomendations of interesting podcasts here



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