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▶ Chris Watson – Sounds of Isolation podcast series available for download at BBC



▶ The UN Report on Streaming

“Payments are so paltry that many performers are simply quitting. According to a survey taken by 5,800 artists in Europe, 90% of performers indicate that the streaming market has given them no meaningful return in income. Polls in the UK and Sweden reveal that 1 in 3 musicians are planning to quit their profession. Music recording is expensive and time consuming, and as musicians’ incomes continue to dwindle, it could regress from a viable occupation to an amateur practice only the wealthy can enjoy.

“One question for policymakers is whether creators in all categories are to become hobbyists out of necessity due to the streaming imbalance.”

Streaming is quite literally destroying music.”



▶ A list of everything the music business needs to fix or get rid of in 2022…



▶ “Japan completely bucks the trend. Twitter reigns supreme by a considerable margin with 48.65 percent to Facebook’s measly 16.4 percent…”
Japan is also one of the few places that Yahoo is still a large active entity…



▶ sugoi! Kore-eda Hirokazu is making a series for Netflix!



▶ “Berger thought of songs as being forms of possession: they are hauntings, in a way. “In every song there is a distance,” he writes, and also an absence.
Songs as shelters in time



▶ Its a GoPro video… PSA: MUTE THE “epic” MUSIC!!





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