Stoked to release first new HISSandaROAR #soundlibrary for 2022:
SD050 FOLIAGE = 11Gb of tree, branch, plant, bush, vege movements.

Recorded across two seasons of winter & spring, this new library includes:
leafy branch moves, hits, swishes, passbys, breaks
palm, fern and flax movement
pine, wattle, kawa kawa leafy branch manipulation
corn rustles and movement
sustained ambience sweeteners
small scale leaf and twig movement flaps
fresh rhubarb and zucchini leaves, and dead autumn leaves
grass gouges, scrapes, footsteps and scuffs
slingshot bullet whizzes into bushes and ricochets from trees
clay clod and dirt throw into bushes
branch and log hits & drops

Note: 33% Early Bird Discount Expires Jan 23




A side note: I’ve come to realise I simply can’t edit a video if I don’t like the music. I usually make a beat to cut to, and refine it as I go… But this cut I started off with a beat and I just wasn’t enjoying it… Took a break, made a new beat, played some rhodes and I was happily back to cutting picture!
I guess it’s easier when the picture editor, field recordist, musician and library developer are all the same person. No Less egos to tip toe around 😉
But I do always thank myself when I get to the point of outputing an OMF.
Good work you/me: now lets get the sound nerd to edit & mix it!
Also me: hey who are you calling a nerd, ya fckng numpty!
Also me: STFU




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