Detritus 624



▶ Q&A with Sound Designer Dane Davis (Matrix films x Metasynth)
UPDATE: Replay the stream at Youtube



▶ Fourtet takes on two music industry monopolies



▶ marketing that is “indistinguishable from satire?”



▶ Thousands of public domain sound recordings added to Citizen DJ in 2022!
me: downloads a 1.9GB archive of Jazz WAV files
me: downloads a 1.5GB archive of Blues WAV files
me: boots up PaulStretch



First impressions of web3?





▶ Say what???? Cannabis compounds prevented covid infection in laboratory study



▶ Friendos do not let friendos clap on the 1 and 3, they do something about it….
nunchuks would be one solution, but playing 5/4 for a bar works!



Dicks In Space via Jon Stewart The Problem





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