Detritus 710







glow-in-the-dark knobs!





Internet Search Tips
Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations



▶ Adobe staff are worried that its AI technology puts its customers’ jobs at risk and could potentially undermine its own business model.



▶ living the dream!
I’d love to spend time in Antarctica, with just my XPAN + MixPre + hydrophones



▶ Not the most ‘exciting’ sound but… catching the ferry home the other day, I realised they have the same vacuum pressurised toilet system as aeroplanes! So whoever was in the cabin next door was probably wondering why their neighbour was um.. recording many takes!



▶ I suspect this is a direct result of vacuous synthfluencer nonsense (I am not a violent man, but every time I see one of those dumbass youtube thumbnails I think thats a face that needs a good metaphorical/ethical slap!)



▶ fascinating! The hearing range of dogs & other animals
Guess who hears the highest frequencies?



▶ Anthony Braxton’s Synaesthetic Ideal and Notations for Improvisers: “What I Call a Sound”







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