HISSandaROAR 13th Birthday Sale!

Since HISSandaROAR is now 13, we have at last become a teenager for the first time! But don’t expect any tantrums, door slamming or playing loud music in protest at parental incursions…

Our annual sale provides a unique opportunity to affordably access anything and everything from the past 13 years of relentless research and development. So whether you are building your sound library resources, are prepping for an upcoming project, or simply need some left-field inspiration you now have three weeks to take advantage of our maximum 50% discount.

HISSandaROAR COMPLETE 125 is also on sale, and currently includes:

Sound Design Libraries x60
Mini FX Libraries x15
Ambience Libraries x20
Unit FX Libraries x21
IR Libraries x3

And while I have some big sound design libraries due for release later in the year, during the sale I am aiming to release a few quirky new UnitFX & MiniFX libraries each week. I’ll also be releasing a new IR library during the sale, and it takes a very interesting new approach. During the sale one library each week is also switched to 100% discount…

Happy Birthday to us!




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