Detritus 722





▶ #nocontext



DIY Autoglockenspiel #instructables



▶ Max for Live Buchla Program Manager
▶ Max for Live MI Grids



▶ lol Tom Whitwell:
The entire Teenage Engineering aesthetic seems to come from one Syd Mead illustration for Playboy



Walter Murch iv x BBC



▶ What’s my place in the world population? How long will I live?



▶ How to Title Your Art



How does Shazam work?











▶ @bjork “a long dormant dream of mine to narrate a nature documentary has come to fruition .
and i am blessed it is not just any but featuring the magnificent merlin sheldrake
and about fungi . i hope you will enjoy this”

The cinematic narrative explores the ways that fungi have shaped life on earth for over a billion years. The film showcases captivating time-lapse photography capturing the nature of these organisms. FUNGI is scheduled for release in January of the upcoming year.

Suspect they had fun on this project:



Acoustic Location and Sound Mirrors
I’d seen a few photos of sound radar but this is a more comprehensive collection.



Pitchforks best electronic Music 2023



▶ Glen Hansard and Lisa O’Neill Perform “Fairytale of New York” at Shane MacGowan’s Funeral #RIP





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