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Orphans of Netscape



▶ A fun insta follow: French Fuse Music eg can you ID the tune before its revealed in this vid?



▶ Nikon, Sony, and Canon will all reportedly bring out support for the Content Authenticity Initiative’s (CAI) C2PA digital signature system in 2024 as the CAI pivots its messaging as a way to combat AI.



▶ Things are about to get a lot worse for Generative AI



▶ wow! Hard to plead innocent after admitting a crime…

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▶ Tokyo’s top tuna for the New Year sells for ¥114.2 million



▶ SAR arcs are rare and have only been acknowledged and studied since 1954. The featured wide-angle photograph, capturing nearly an entire SAR arc surrounding more common green and red aurora, was taken earlier this month from Poolburn, New Zealand, during an especially energetic geomagnetic storm. Photo credit













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