Detritus 746







▶ Understanding, finding & eliminating ground loops in audio systems: PDF



▶ They need to make a new series of the Detectorists, except magnet fishing



▶ I saw this mentioned on twitter and got a kindle copy to read:
The Perfectionist’s Guide to Losing Control – Authors site + Amazon link



▶ wow DJI think their drones will be banned from USA



▶ Why electronic components have such odd values



▶ ancient ‘walking tree’ wins tree of the year



▶ some interesting work has been added to the dadamachine site



▶ As a kid I read and re-read the local free NZ music news magazine Rip It Up (its first 102 issues, running from 1977 to 1985, are available via the Papers Past website). It was fuel for my dreams, especially if there was a photo of a recording studio… Very occasionally I’d read UK magazines (while “browsing” in a book store) but I never, ever thought for a second I would be quoted by one of them, and for this lol It’s also been republished a few times now (I’d never know other than for a Google Alert I set up a decade ago… its been pinging me all week as it gets reposted in online magazines… Mixmag was today)



▶ relavant: the AI content production machine



▶ also relevant:







▶ actually good advice





▶ sheesh win an Oscar and still no final cut – that is one company I am glad to have nothing to do with. Still salty about the Hobbit law



▶ Exhibition of AI-produced photos at Auckland Festival of Photography stolen
Did they just get out-grifted?







Adobe enshittification?



▶ This perplexes me. A lot of people who shoot film now, don’t keep their negatives! This article explains the same issue but the local lab I sue for months now has been haranguing people to either come pick up their negatives or they will be dumped. Negatives are not like boxes of vinyl, they are tiny and easily stored. As that article quotes Ansel Adams, “the negative is like a composer’s score and the print is the performance” so why would someone who goes to the trouble of shooting film throw away their future potential to make prints!? #regretsy



▶ guilty as charged, constanoo



▶ 108 is a minimal beat machine in your browser!











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