Detritus 99


> Great site: Music thoughts (thanks Steve!)


“pre-dates Schaeffer’s work by 16 years!” – thanks Iain!


> The loudest cat purr is apparently 67.7dB but ‘Guinness says the loudest animal sounds are the low-frequency pulses made by blue whales and fin whales when they communicate with each other – sounds that reach 188 decibels’.


> Wow great new whooshes from Tonsturm


> I’m getting ready to reorganise my modular synth as have a bunch of new modules arriving very soon, so expect some gear prOn pix (although nothing as drool worthy as this) Anyway I have always meant to do it but am finally going to print some stickers/labels printed to replace the A100 ones on my modular synth cases – the labels that say A100 – ANALOG MODULAR SYSTEM – DOEPFER in this photo:



The contenders so far are:




Oblique Strategy


Frank Lloyd Wright






Other suggestions?

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